Simpler with E-Billing

Rapid technological development has affected the business climate. One of the effects is the use of information technology to support service excellence toward the consumer. Utilizing the information technology, SIER is developing technical innovation through on-line billing delivery known as SIER’s e-billing.

Acting of SIER’s Assistant Manager of Document and Information System, M. Afifuddin said that through this system, investors will be able to print invoice and tax facture online by login first to the system. The e-billing system is web-based, thus helping investors to easily access the system wherever and whenever, as long as they are connected to internet. The system also has ticket feature which enables investors to submit their complaints regarding services of SIER’s management.

“With e-billing system, investors may directly obtain their invoices and tax factures on first of every month, and thus reduce the length of invoice delivery which was previously done by post or courier,” said Afif.

He added that the system was initiated by Directorate General of Taxation which applied e-facture since July 2015, whereas all taxpayers can print factures beginning from the first of every month. Previously, taxpayers can only print their factures by the end of month for invoice of the next month.

e-Billing application represents solution for investor’s complaint, especially those whose billing address are outside locations of SIER/PIER. Due to the short gap between invoice received and payment deadline.

“This is especially true when the 1st of the month is due on Saturday, and invoice as well as factures can only be sent to the investors on the 3rd even the 7th for some, due to various obstacles during invoice delivery via post/courier, whereas the payment deadline is the 10th. With e-billing, this problem can be solved,” explained Afif.

SIER’s e-billing system is initiated on early January 2016 and will gradually be socialized to all investors in SIER and PIER. The current target is that the e-billing system will be able to go-live on January 2017.

PIER’s General Manager, Wahyudi, supports the application of e-billing system in relation to service within PIER’s area. “In short-time we will coordinate with all officers in charge of the services from waste treatment to security in the area,” he said.

At the moment, SIER’s management continues to perfect the system and prepare the network infrastructures supports for the development of the system.

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