Safari Ramadhan BUMN


(24/06) Friday, June 24th 2016, Safari Ramadhan which was initiated by SOE Ministry was held simultaneously at 538 municipals by all SOEs all over Indonesia. For Surabaya area, the appointed PICs are PT SIER, PT Telkom, PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN), and Bhanda Ghara Reksa (BGR). PIC for Sidoarjo area is PT SIER, PT RNI, dan Pegadaian, whereas PICs for Pasuruan area are PT SIER and PT PN XI.

Safari Ramadhan activities comprises of Pasar Murah, Donations for Orphans, and Istighosah. Pasar Murah and Donations for Orphans were carried out at each company’s location, whereas Istighosah was centralized at Garut.

Pasar Murah where PT SIER is the PIC, were carried out in 3 locations, namely Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Pasuruan. For Surabaya area, recipient targets are 7 districts, for Sidoarjo 3 villages, whereas for Pasuruan 6 villages. Each district received 50 packages with the value of Rp.150.000,00 (which was being sold at the price of Rp. 25.000,00), thus the total packages distributed in the 3 locations are 800 packages. Recipients of the packages are low-income people whose data were acquired from local District/Village administrators.

The subsequent activity is Donations for Orphans. Donations were provided to 100 orphans in the surrounding area of SIER and 100 orphans in the surrounding area of PIER. The donation was in the value of Rp. 100.000,00/child.

Donation for Orphans in SIER area was started on 2 pm and was held at SIER’s Club House. There are 5 recipient orphanages and each orphanage was represented by 20 orphans and 1 administrator. The activity was initiated with prayer by Ustadz Nur Qomary Baihaqi, followed by welcome speech from Administration, Finance, and General Director of PT SIER, Tony Herwanto, and symbolic provision of donation to representation of each orphanage. Zamroni Ahmad Bahrom, administrator of Al-Anshar Orphanage of Rungkut Kidul expressed his hope that in the following events, there will be more than prayers and donations, but to be more specific, to motivate the children by providing training and empowering the orphans’ potencies in order to develop their skill, confidence, and independence.