Heroes Day 2016


Thursday (10/11) was a commemoration of Indonesia’s Heroes Day as a remembrance of a great battle that took place in Surabaya on 10th of November 1945 between the people of Surabaya (widely known as ‘arek-arek Suroboyo’) and allied force lead by the British troops. In commemorating Heroes Day, PT SIER held a flag ceremony at the soccer field next to SIER’s office building, attended by all employees of PT SIER.

The ceremony that was started at 08.00 was very unique and jovial due to the fact that every participants of the ceremony wears heroes’ costume, as instructed by the Mayor of Surabaya in Surat Edaran Walikota Surabaya No. 003.3/10489/436.3.1/2016 dated 26 October 2016.

President Director of PT SIER, Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono put forward the Mandate of Indonesia’s Social Minister, Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa, in urging all of Indonesian people to follow the heroes examples in putting national interest above personal’s, and to give the utmost effort as one absolute nation without exceptions.

Accordingly to the theme of 2016 Heroes Day, “Satukan Langkah Untuk Negeri” (uniting efforts for the country), Indonesian people are emboldened to work together, hand-in-hand, based on the meaning and value of integrity, work ethic and mutual cooperation to overcome the problems of this country.

Other than the flag ceremony and heroes’ costume, Surabaya’s Mayor also instructed community service and moment of silence exactly at 08.15 WIB to remember those who have fallen during the battle for Indonesia’s independence.