On 28th February 2017, SIER celebrates its 43rd Anniversary. SIER’s anniversary was celebrated with various activities targeted to not only strengthen working relation among SIER’s employees, but also to benefit people surrounding the industrial estate.

The series of SIER’s 43rd anniversary was initiated by Free Medication and Free Sembako (Nine-Types-Of-Basic-Needs) for 100 people surrounding Rungkut and Berbek area on 16th February 2017. Next activity was blood donor on 21st February 2017, at Surabaya and Pasuruan. 65 people participated in blood donor activity in Surabaya, whereas 35 people participated in Pasuruan.

Another social-related activity was mass circumcisions at Pasuruan for 53 boys along with free sembako for 100 people surrounding PIER area.

Other than social activities, SIER’s 43rd anniversary was also celebrated with inter-business unit competitions such as Futsal (indoor soccer) which was held on 22nd February 2017 and won by SBU PIER.

The highlight of SIER’s 43rd anniversary was held on 24th February 2017 by various competitions such as Tug of War, Clog dan Gemu Famire.

The series of SIER’s 43rd anniversary celebration was ended with Tasyakuran which was held right on SIER’s anniversary on 28th February 2017. The Tasyakuran was attended by former SIER’s Board of Directors, among others are Mr. Gowi Umar, Mr. Harjono Sujono, Mr. Yoke C. Katon, and Mr. Tony Herwanto who just ended his office-term in SIER. Former employees of SIER since the year 2007 also attended this event to celebrate SIER’s 43rd anniversary.