Halal Bihalal PT SIER 2017

Tuesday (04/07) SIER held Halal bi Halal (to ask and give forgiveness at the end of the fasting month) which was attended by all of SIER’s employees. This year’s Halal bi Halal feels special because it also serves as Farewell party of Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono and Mr. Kunto Abirowo. Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono has served as SIER’s President Director since 2007, whereas Mr. Kunto Abirowo has served as Director of Development and Marketing of SIER since 2012. Both office terms ended on July 18th 2017.


In his speech, Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono reminded all Management and employees of SIER to maintain company’s performance that has been accomplished thus far. In line with Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono’s speech, Mr. Kunto Abirowo also expressed his appreciation of the working relation that has been established all these years.


Prof. DR. KH. Ali Maskan Moesa, Professor of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, on his sermon conveyed that Halal bi Halal moment is a perfect time to re-grow spirit of respecting the diversity of this Country, and to give better efforts toward our daily assignments.


Halal bi Halal which was held at Basroni Rizal Hall of the 6th floor of SIER’s Office Building, was also attended by SIER’s President Commissioner, Mr.Hadi Prasetyo. In his speech, he expressed appreciation toward SIER’s accomplishments under the leadership of Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono and Mr. Kunto Abirowo. He also reminded everyone to maintain the work culture and to keep improving the company’s state.