In accordance to Copy of SOE’s Minister Decree No. SK-129/MBU/7/2017, SK-539/11091/021.2/2017, SK-539/4362/436.2.1 regarding Honorable Dismissal and Appointment of SIER’s Board of Directors (BOD), effective on 16th of July 2017, Mr. Fattah Hidayat and Mr. Agus Hendardi are officially appointed as Directors of PT SIER.

Mr. Fattah Hidayat is appointed as acting officer of President Director by SIER’s Board of Commissioners. With this Decree in effect, Mr. Rudhy Wisaksono and Mr. Kunto Abirowo are no longer serve as President Director and Director of PT SIER, respectively. Handling over of BOD was held on Monday, 17th of July 2017 and was attended by Mr. Fadjar J, as acting officer of SOE Ministry’s Deputy of KSPP, Mr. Dwi Ari Purnomo, as Assistant Deputy of SOE Ministry’s LH, Mr. Heri Purnomo, Assistant Deputy of SOE Ministry’s KSPP III, Mr. Danu Ardhiarso and Mr. Marta, as representatives of East Java Provincial Government.

Accordingly to the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), with the appointment of new BOD, Introductory Program of New BOD must be initiated. Introductory Program of New BOD includes overall introduction of PT SIER, with regard to GCG’s mandate. The Program was held at Basroni Rizal Hall of the 6th floor of SIER’s Office Building on 25th of July 2017, which was attended by Board of Directors, Managers, and Assistant Managers. Prior to appointment as Director of SIER, Mr. Fattah Hidayat is the Corporate Secretary of Danareksa, whereas Mr. Agus Hendardi was Head of Marketing and Service Division of PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero).