Saturday (05/08), SIER received a visit from the Regent of Trenggalek Regency, Emil Dardak. The purpose of this visit was to conduct a comparative study. Accompanied by Trenggalek Municipal Development Planning Board, Mr. Emil explained that Trenggalek Regency is planning to develop an Industrial Park.


Mr. Emil Dardak presented potencies of Trenggalek with regard to the strategic position of Southern Coast of East Java, as well as potencies of Trenggalek as possible development area of SIER. Among others, potencies of Trenggalek are forestry, maritime, and tourism. With the increasingly crowded traffic of Malaka Strait, and threat of the plan to develop Kra Canal, Indonesia must be able to utilize Indonesia’s Archipelagic Sea Lanes – ASL (Alur Laut Kepulauan Indonesia – ALKI) II and III, which one of them passes the Strait of Lombok. In order to support this system, trade on the Southern Coast of Java must be developed and strengthened. Unfortunately, at the moment, the only port on the Southern Coast of Java is Port of Cilacap, which is not strong enough to attract trade to the Southern Coast of East Java.


In order to develop economy in the Southern Coast of East Java, a strategic development area (Wilayah Pengembangan Strategis – WPS) concept was developed to connect Jogja – Prigi – Blitar – Malang. Southern road (Jalan Lintas Selatan – JLS) that connects Pacitan to Sendang Biru, will also connects Jogja and Malang through the coastal road. Prigi Port is the only Nusantara (archipelago) Port on the coast of East Java that have potential to be upgraded into Samudera (ocean) Port. According to a studi done by Chiba University of Japan, Prigi Port to the South is the most strategic migration path of expensive fishes, such as yellow-fin tuna, etc.


Fattah Hidayat, Director of SIER will follow up the Regent’s visit by sending a team to Trenggalek in order to see directly the intended location, as well as preparing consideration as to the feasibility.