Visit from PT Kawasan Industri Makassar (Persero)

Monday (28/08) SIER received a visit from PT Kawasan Industri Makassar (Persero) (KIMA). Commissioners and Directors of KIMA visited PT SIER to conduct comparative study of industrial estate management, taking special attention on the facilities available at the industrial estate, including management of SPBU (fuel station).

President Director of PT KIMA, Abdul Muis explained that Feasibility Study (FS) has been completed regarding fuel station business development at PT KIMA. With relatively low regional minimum wage, and high traffic, FS shows that SPBU is very feasible to be developed at PT KIMA. The visit was followed by surveys to SPBU, SIER’s WWTP and a visit to PIER. As fellow state-owned company, Acting Officer of SIER’s President Director, Fattah Hidayat elaborated that PT SIER need also to learn from PT KIMA, for there are best practices and innovations that can also be applied at PT SIER.