PT Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut – PT SIER is a State-Owned Enterprise of which 50 percent of shares belong to the National Government. The rest is owned by East Java Provincial Government and Surabaya Municipal Government, of each 25 percent. Established on 28 February 1974 on a land of 330 Hectares, the industrial estate was built to answer the industrial and environmental needs to be properly and professionally managed to improve efficiency and productivity including waste water treatment plant facility and ease of access to Tanjung Perak Seaport and Juanda Airport. PT SIER is located in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia and the fastest economic growth center with the total population of approximately 4 million people.

SIER manages 3 industrial areas:

Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut, of 245 Ha, has been occupied by 267/309 company/location with 21 Foreign Investors and 246 Domestic Investors with 45.953 workers.

Sidoarjo Industrial Estate Berbek
, of 87 Ha, and has been occupied by 103/129 company/location with 14 Foreign Investors and 89 Domestic Investors with 19.183 workers.

Pasuruan Industrial Estate Rembang, of 563 Ha, is currently occupied by 260 ha with 87/164 companies/locations with 45 Foreign Investors and 42 Domestic Investors that employs 23.199 workers.